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Mail Boxes Etc. in Coronado has been in operation since 2005. We, Jeannine and Michael have been running the business since August 2007.


Since we've been in Panama we realize having good customer service is not easy. We have worked very hard to form our employees to give you what we consider great customer service. We can serve you in Spanish, English and French.

The unreliability of the Panama postal system makes it a challenge to receive and send mail and packages. Which is why we take the time to ask you the proper questions.


We do our very best to support the community and its organizations. Organizations like: Panama Helpline, Panama Hospice, House of Hope, CASA, Spay the Stray, and more.


In 2012 we raised $6000 in 17 days for 4 orphanages in the area and again in 2014 we raised $7000 to help the Rotary Club of Coronado in their goal of purchasing wheelchairs for the needy.


Since our time in Panama we've rescued a lot of cats. We've become sort of an icon in the community for taking care of cats. Outside the Mail Boxes Etc in Coronado, many of the cats hang around during the day, they come and go as they please, but have regular eating schedules; breakfast at store opening time and dinner at closing time.


Since 2016 we have been more involved with Spay Panama to help them have the necessary funding to do spay and neuter clinics in our area. There have been several clinics with over 1400 animals being spayed or neutered.


We have been very grateful to be able to help all those animals and their owners.

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